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Olympic Valeting Chipped Windscreen Repair service

Having a chipped windscreen isnt just an inconvenience it can turn out to be costly if not dangerous.
Why should you get a chipped windscreen repaired?

Well windscreen inspections have been part of the annual MOT test since 1993.

There are clear rules about what must be repaired in different parts of your windscreen, particularly the part that is swept by your windscreen wipers: -

  1. Damage larger than 10mm will fail in the driver’s line of vision.
  2. Damage larger than 40mm will fail in the rest
  3. If a chip is in the driver’s line of vision, it only has to be bigger than 10mm for your windscreen to fail its MOT.
  4. The MOT testers manual says “any damage not contained within a circle of 10mm” so a cluster of minor damage could also fail.
  5. There is no chance of paint damage or leaks due to poor windscreen replacement.

Our standard repairs will help your car pass because we are able to make them “barely detectable” as required by the MOT testers manual.

So to put it simply,

One call to us could save you Time, Hassle and Money in the long run, If your not sure whether we can help or if you want to book an appointment feel free to call us now on 01622 671116